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VIX API Appendix F: Business Continuity. VCloud Director MAC Address Reset Procedure. 7.1.5 SSO and Authenticating with the vCloud API.

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I'm trying to setup my Mac OS X system to use the pdblp Python library which requires me to first install the Bloomberg Open API libary for Python. After cloning the git repo and running python install, I get

How should I proceed?

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2 Answers

You also need to install the C/C++ libraries and then set BLPAPI_ROOT to the location of the or files. For example:

export BLPAPI_ROOT=/some/directory/blpapi_cpp_3.8.1.1/Darwin

Then you can proceed with installing the python library.

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Just to complete the question (thanks mob :)

Packages Source -


  1. SDK for C/C++
  2. SDK for Python


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