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Feb 01, 2013  Hi there, this is the updated tutorial of how to use an xbox 360 controller with your mac! (updated as of 1. Feb 2013) Simply make sure you have a working installation of at least version 0.11 of the 360 drivers on your Mac.

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Hi fellow Gear360 lovers!

My name is Arthur and I'm the co-founder of a small little startup called VReel!

In a past life I worked at Playstation on the PSVR and since then I've joined a small team building a VR app on the GearVR where you can share your Gear360 pictures in VR!

We've launched an Open Beta version of the app on the Oculus Store and would love to have fellow 360-photo and VR lovers give it a go! If you could spare some time, you can find our landing page at, and the app on the Oculus Store at

Any and every feedback is welcome! Looking forward to hearing from you guys! =D

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Vendor 360 Application

VReel was born with the vision of being 'The most enjoyable way for users to share their 360 content in VR'. With the implementation of this vision as a social media platform purpose built for 360 content in VR. In fact, you can check out the still very new and bare '' to read a little bit more through our thoughts.

Unfortunately, the market for VR is still very young and this lack of demand and certain other pressures have led us to re-structure certain things internally. We'll still be leaving our Open Beta running on the GearVR and would welcome any and every piece of feedback. However, we may be a bit absent from forums and the like for a while as we try to figure out the best way for us to deliver on our vision!

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Thanks for anyone and everyone who's checked us out =) - we hope to be back with something cool soon!


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