Swi Proglog Free Download For Mac

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Swi Proglog Free Download For Mac
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i am trying to run a simple prolog script that takes a users input and prints it back to the terminal.

Re: I can't download for MacOsX There seems to be something wrong with the gollem machine. I've been trying to access the mailing list archive there since Saturday, without success. Building SWI Prolog on Mac. Jul 12, 2014. Getting SWI Prolog to build on Mac OS X (Darwin) is no small feat. Yes, one could use the MacPorts or Homebrew packaging systems, and that would certainly make things easier. Frankly, after using Solaris for many years, I’m burned out on third-party packaging systems. SWI-Prolog offers a comprehensive Free Software Prolog environment, which features fast compilation, robust and free of memory leaks, unbounded integer. Hey all - Taking an advanced course where we're learning Prolog and utilizing SWI-Prolog. I'm using the latest version Mavericks and all the. Jump to content. My subreddits. Edit subscriptions. Default Directory using SWI-Prolog on Mac OSX (self.prolog) submitted 4 years ago by Ruddose.

when i load the script in the terminal using ['file.pl'] and then run it, on run it creates a new line but does not print the Enter Your Name:. if i press enter it starts a new line beginning with :. if i write word. at any point it prints Enter Your Name: Hello word.if i just enter a . it prints Enter Your Name: followed by ERROR: Stream user_input:36:18 Syntax error: Unexpected end of clause.

Swi Prolog Free Download For Mac

however if i run the script in the software downloaded from the swi-prolog site it works perfectly fine.

is this a case of not loading the file correctly in the terminal?

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Swi Prolog Free Download For Mac Free

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