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Apple’s Best Browser by Default


Safari is a web browser developed by Apple and is the default browser on Apple devices. It’s only available for Mac and iOS, but even with the exclusivity, Safari is considered one of the best browsers around in terms of performance. It has fierce competition with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Safari for Mac Free Download make a browser which names are safari that originates with macOS sierra, safari proves it self-more quicker and more vitality competent than other web browsers. The sites which reach by safari are responded very well than any different browser.So websites are more approachable, and your mac battery keeps on longer between charges, the privacy features which are. AnyMP4 Free iPhone Data Recovery for Mac. AnyMP4 Free iPhone Data Recovery for Mac can allow you to recover deleted files from iPhone/iPad/iPod like Camera Roll, Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos, and Safari Bookmark on Mac. You can directly recover deleted data from iOS Device like iPhone/iPad/iPod, particularly those lost data on iPhone. Download Safari Browser for Mac. Experience the web, Apple style, with Safari: the fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world. The best browser for your Mac is the one that comes with.

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Safari is engineered specifically for Mac, so it takes advantage of the powerful technologies built into every one. And Safari now offers native support for Netflix. So compared with Chrome and Firefox, you can browse for up to two hours longer and watch Netflix videos up to three hours longer. Download Safari 6.0.2. The web browser by Apple. Safari is the inseparable companion of lots of Mac users who usually boast about the excellent performance of this web browser developed by Apple.


  • Simple and sleek interface
  • Doesn’t take up much RAM and CPU usage
  • Security is tight
  • Compatible with sites made by its rivals


  • Can’t be fully customized
  • Some websites don’t support it
  • Apple users can’t switch browsers because it’s optimized for Apple
  • Tabs are under the address bar

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Safari has been Apple's Web browser for many years, and the company keeps making improvements to it at regular intervals. Originally designed to be a Web browser with the Mac OS look and feel, Safari has been part of the Apple family a long time. Apple support isn't the only reason to use it, though; it has other strengths.

With the latest releases, you can do many tasks that used to require multiple apps or a lot of keystrokes. For example, you can send a tweet or post content to Facebook from within Safari. If you visit a site on your MacBook or iMac and have iCloud integration, the same page can be pushed to your iPhone or iPad so you don't have to look for it twice. There's a private-browsing feature that hides your tracks, too. In the recent versions of Safari there aren't separate search and URL fields; there's one text-entry area and Safari figures out what you want. Autofill and smart-search options suggest Web sites before you've typed the entire URL. There's support for multiple browser windows with thumbnail overviews, with quick zooming in and out.

While the era of radical changes to Web browsers has gone by, small improvements that help navigation and cut down on keystrokes are always welcome. Safari has always been the standard browser of Mac users, and by continuing to develop its product, Apple has kept it that way. The latest version of Safari continues that tradition.

Safari 7.1 Free Download For Mac

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