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From Ares P2P Dev:
Ares is a peer to peer file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents. You may now easily publish your files through the Ares Network.As a member of the Ares network, you can also search and download just about any digital media file. With Ares you can also join or host chat rooms and meet new friends. Softgap is an international software company engaged in the business of providing cutting edge peer to peer filesharing software. Features include: Advanced search for all types of media files (Audio, Video, Games, Software, Photos). Very fast downloads from multiple users simultaneously. Automatic resume feature that assures the completion of all your requested downloads. A Media Player with play lists and full-screen mode. Ability to preview Audio and Video files while their download is in progress. Enhanced Library Manager ideally designed for organizing all your PC?s media files. Advanced media filter that prevents access to offensive files and viruses. Ability to create your chat room and chat with your friends while downloading. The most friendly and intuitive user interface. Bandwidth and queue control.

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Ares For Mac

I installed the 2.4.0 version of Ares and when I click the type of media that I want download, such as audio or video, the options to search by name, artist, author, genre, and size/length are no.