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When I upgrade to Mavericks, it uninstalls Java 1.6. I can install Java 7, but for some applications and development work, I still need access to Java 6. How can I reinstall Java 6 in Mavericks?

ImageJ for Mac OS X - java Freeware Download Notice. ImageJ for Mac OS X Free Download - we do not host any ImageJ for Mac OS X torrent files or links of ImageJ for Mac OS X on,, etc. Is it possible to get Java 6 running on a Mac PowerPC with Mac OS X 10.4? AFAIK SoyLatte is only available for Intel processors.

Apple docs generally recommend downloading Java directly from Oracle, but I don't see a Mac version listed on the Oracle download page for Java SE 6.


I was able to install parts of Java 6, with an Apple Support update. But Maven is still missing.

Update 2

I was able to install Maven with Homebrew:


Java Se 6 Download For Mac Sierra

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You can download Java SE 6 for OS X from here:

For Maven support you can use brew (as stated above) or, if you don't want to install brew just for Maven support, you can download it directly from Here's the steps I took to get Maven setup on a fresh install of Mavericks:

Colin C.Colin C.

This works on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). I've used Homebrew to install JDK 1.6.0_65:

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When I tried the accepted answer, I didn't see the new JDK 1.6 in /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/

I had to go to search for 'java', download the latest, and install that. Then the JDK 1.6 appeared.

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Java 6 Download For Mac

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