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People want to know how to use Instagram on a computer so they can upload photos to the social media app from their PC or Mac.

AVG AntiVirus for Mac. View all Mac apps. Popular iOS Apps. The app's greatest strength is the batch download feature. Free Instagram Downloader is a perfectly capable Instagram scraper with. Home » On The Road » Updates & Downloads Updates & Downloads. Download and install MapConverter for Windows to convert your unlocked PC maps for use on your Mac. Change History. Locate and double-click on the 'Install Garmin MapInstall' icon. Click on the first result and download Instagram from there fir free of cost. Step 4: When you are finished with Instagram Download part, it will automatically install itself on the Mac OS system and the app will be there ready to use inside the amazing App drawer of the emulator. This is how you can use Instagram on Mac for free of cost.

But the free Instagram app is designed for taking, editing and sharing images on mobile phones, rather than desktop machines. Its special effects or filters for enhancing pictures are a big part of its popularity, so, naturally, a lot of people want to use those filters on their regular computers in addition to their phones.

Instagram App for PC

Historically, using Instragram on the PC has been difficult. Since 2013, Instagram users have had access to their Instragram feed on the web, and they've had some capabilities for saving photos from Instagram. Unfortunately, that web feed and Instagram's website does not allow uploading images directly from a computer; they're simply designed to display what people have uploaded from mobile devices on the Web and to give each user their own area on the website. (You can find your Web area by substituting your Instagram user ID for 'username' in this URL:

A lot of people enjoy Instagram so much that they really want to be able to use a full-featured version on their laptops or desktop computers. That way, they figure they can take photos with a higher quality digital camera, stick the memory card into their computer and upload images to Instagram's website, then use the app's special effects to enhance each picture (or video, which Instagram added in June 2013; see our step-by-step Instagram video tutorial).

The folks at Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) listened. In Spring 2016, the Instagram for Windows apps became available in the Microsoft Store. Of course, it's still only available on Windows 8 and Windows 10 PCs, so older computers still need a workaround in order to post pictures to Instagram.

Workarounds for Instagram on Older PCs and Macs

There has to be a workaround for PCs that don't have access to the Windows Store, right? Well, sort of. Various tech-savvy folks have come up with workarounds, but they aren't for the technologically faint of heart. One solution is to install a special software program designed to simulate a mobile phone operating system on your computer (called a phone emulator) and allow you to run mobile apps that way.

An example of an emulator is the BlueStacks App Player, shown above. You can try downloading the app and installing it on your computer. Once it's installed and running, search for 'Instagram' using the app's search interface and install it on your computer. Be advised, though, that many technical glitches have been reported by folks trying to get Bluestacks to work with Instagram on a PC or Mac. Instagram typically will run, allowing you to see photos that other people have uploaded, but you'll still need to install a media uploader in order to upload your pictures to Instagram. An example of such a program is Flume (for Mac).

If you're a Windows users, another app called Gramblr (shown above) offers an uploader that is simpler to install and use, but only if you have a Windows PC. While Gramblr is supposed to be compatible with Macs, it's had a lot of compatibility issues on the Apple side of things. And even on the PC, side there are challenges -- you have to fork over your Instagram password, for example, since it uses Instagram's API.

Perhaps the lowest-tech solution is email--just email the photo you want to share on Instagram to yourself, then access that email on your mobile phone and fire up Instagram.

Yet another workaround for sharing your non-mobile photos on Instagram is to use Dropbox, the free cloud-based storage app, and upload your photos to Dropbox. Then go to your phone or tablet and access your free area on Dropbox, find the photos you want to share, and share them on Instagram. This option doesn't give you access to Instagram's filters for those pictures but does at least let you share them on Instagram.

Other Instagram Apps for PC and Mobile

Plenty of other Instagram-related programs exist for desktop computers (but not specifically for uploading photos to Instagram.) For example, one is called Instagram for PC. It's an older site, and you probably want to navigate it carefully because it seems to be ad-heavy, but if you have an older machine, this app might help you access Instagram on your PC.

And of course you can get Instagram for your mobile phone. Just visit the iTunes App Store (for iPhones) or the Google Play store (for Android phones.)

Apps that are Similar to Instagram

If you want to apply special effects from your computer, try some other photo apps that do things similar to Instagram. Two good ones are Pixlr and, which run from a standard Web browser and include some cool vintage filter effects.

Instagram FAQs

For the latest info, check out the official Instagram FAQs and User's Guide on its website.

Instagram For Mac

It said in June 2018: 'When you take a photo or video on Instagram, you'll have the option to turn sharing on or off for each of the social networks (like Facebook or Twitter) you want to share to.'

What is Instagram for PC?

Hey Friends, I am again with you and has come up with an interesting android app for you, that is, Instagram for PC. Instagram for PC is an android app with which you can share as well as customize your photos and videos with gorgeous and custom built filters. Share your photos and videos with friends and followers in a photo feed, or send posts directly to your friends.Follow what your friends post with the click of a single button. Every time you open up Instagram, you’ll see new photos and videos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.

With 4.5 rating given out off 5 by the Instagram users so far,Google PlayStore reporting active participation by the users worldwide. This app will definitely enhance your experience of sharing photos and videos gorgeously.

Features of Instagram for PC:

  • Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Send photos and videos directly to friends
  • Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments

This app has been working nicely with the different android smartphones, tablets or other android gadgets. But, today in this tutorial you will be able to run this android app Instagram for PC with the step by step explanation given below.

You can even learn more about Instagram at

Install instagram download for mac 10.6.8

How to Download Instagram for PC ?

Instagram for PC

Instagram Download

You can download Instagram in your PC by any of the two methods given below:

Method 1: This is the simplest method for downloading as you can here directly download Instagram for PC from the link given below:

Method 2: If you have android emulator installed on your PC or Mac then you can directly download Instagram for PC just by searching this app on your emulator search section. Many android emulator software are available on the internet like BlueStalk etc which can be used to download this app.

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Free Instagram Download For Mac

How to Install Instagram in Your PC?

Step by Step instructions for installing Instagram are as follows:

Instagram for PC

Step 1: In this step you need to download the .apk file of the Instagram application. You can download Instagram.apk file from any of the two methods mentioned earlier in this post.

Step 2: Download Bluestalk Emulator, an android emulator to run android apps on your PC. If you have not having installed earlier on your PC, then you can through this link to understand how to work with BlueStalks App Player.

Instagram Picture Download For Mac

Step 3: Now after finishing installation of the emulator , you just need to locate your app Instagram for PC which you downloaded in Step 1, or you can also download Instagram.apk file from the Bluestalk emulator by searching it on the search box of Bluestalk emulator and hit the enter and you will get Instagram.apk file.

Step 4: Click the android emulator icon and install Instagram for PC. By clicking on the Instagram app icon, it will launch your app and now you can run Instagram app on your PC and enjoy it.

Download Instagram On Mac

Note: If you had pre-downloaded on your PC earlier, then you don’t need to download again this app from the above method as it may result in the redundancy of the application file, resulting in difficulty for emulator to fetch and install your application on your PC.

So thats it! Your Instagram app is ready to be used on your PC or computer, if you face any difficulty during the tutorial then you can pen down it below in the comment section. Your ratings for this app would be greatly appreciated.