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You can download GanttProject at no cost and use for any purposes. However you can help us with building new features faster and publishing more frequent updates. It is easy!

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Online shop is hosted on a third-party platform. We do not collect your financial personal data, such as credit card numbers.

GanttProject is free software. You can download any binary for free under the same GPL license.

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Gantt Chart Download Free

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GanttProject is free software. Code which is written by GanttProject authors and contributors is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL 3) . We also use a number of libraries with different licenses which are known to be compatible with GPL 3.

A short summary below will give you an idea of what you can do with GanttProject and we believe this must be enough for the most of you. Please be aware that this summary is not the license text

  • You may use unmodified binaries for any purposes, including commercial usage.
  • You don't have to pay anything for using GanttProject.
  • You may redistribute unmodified binaries freely.
  • GanttProject source code and all required libraries are available to everyone. You are allowed to download and modify the sources of GanttProject and build your own modified binaries.
  • If you redistribute modified binaries of GanttProject, you must provide all the sources to the receiver of a binary copy on his first request. Modifications should be covered by the same license as the original sources.
  • If you don't make your modifications publicly available, you don't have to publish the modified sources.

We recommend you to talk to your lawyer if you have any doubts whether your intended usage complies with GPL 3 or any other license applicable to GanttProject code or its libraries

Best Free Gantt Chart

Third-party libraries shipped with the official GanttProject distribution are enumeratedbelow in (almost) lexicographical order together with the links to the canonical editions of their licenses.The actual license text for each library may be more or less significantly different from the canonical.For details, please always refer to the library web sites.

Gantt Chart Free Download For Mac Mac

  • avalon: Apache Software License
  • balloontip-1.2.1: BSD 3-Clause
  • batik: Apache Software License
  • commons-codec: Apache Software License
  • commons-csv: Apache Software License
  • commons-io: Apache Software License
  • commons-logging: Apache Software License
  • commons-net-ftpclient-3.0.1: Apache Software License
  • httpclient-4.2.1: Apache Software License
  • httpcore-4.2.1: Apache Software License
  • fop: Apache License v. 1.1
  • iText-5.3.1: Affero GPL
  • jakarta-poi-3.7: Apache Software License
  • jbusycomponent-1.2.2: LGPL
  • jcommander-1.17: Apache Software License
  • jdom-1.0: Apache-like license
  • jgoodies-common-1.1.1: BSD
  • jgoodies-looks-2.4.0: BSD
  • jxlayer: BSD
  • milton-api, milton-client 2.0.1: LGPL
  • mpxj: LGPL
  • sl4j-1.5.11: MIT
  • swingx-1.6.3: LGPL
  • AppleJavaExtensions: proprietary license
  • Eclipsito library includes API written by Eclipse developers and implementation written by GanttProjectdevelopers and is covered byCPL license.