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Need help with older versions of Eclipse? The following are links to older Simultaneous Release packages distributed by the Eclipse Foundation and the correlated Eclipse Platform version number. Eclipse Europa Packages (2007 - v 3.3) Eclipse Ganymede Packages (2008 - v 3.4).

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im getting issues while installing eclipse luna for MacOS Sierra 10.12

I have followed the procedure for the installing the eclipse.

1.Download the eclipse luna.2.move the zipped folder to desktop.3.extract the zipped file.4.move eclipse icon from desktop to the applications folder.5.when I double click the eclipse icon, it gives the following error.

below is the screenshots attached, can anybody help me with the solution.

Error - ' Eclipse quit unexpectedly- Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.'


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Same issue for me. The issue resolved when I copied the complete pack into the 'Applications' folder and ran Eclipse in the path /Applications/eclipse/ from Terminal.

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Eclipse Luna Download For Selenium

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I've updated to El Capitan, and now want to run Eclipse. Luna didn't work, so I downloaded the latest version, Eclipse Mars. At startup it told me to install Java 1.6. So I did, and then I get this:

So I downloaded Java 8 for the Mac, installed that, but still get this warning.

The terminal says I'm using 1.6:

In the System Preferences I find a Java option, which shows I have 8 installed, and it doesn't say anything about 1.6.

How can I remove Java 1.6 from my system and use 8 as default?

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4 Answers

Updating the Java version though the Java control panel updates the default system JVM, but the Eclipse installation does not appear to recognize this.

Downloading and installing the current Java Development Kit (JDK) did enable Eclipse to install successfully. For me, this resulted in the following Folder being created:

The JDK download site is here.

BTW, There is no need to delete the previous JDK folder. Some older software might even require it.

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Glen BrumbaughGlen Brumbaugh

You can delete the 1.6 version from /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines.

You’ll need root privileges to do so:

Next reinstall Eclipse and it would detect your Java 1.8 version.

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You can rename directory:

Then, install eclipse and when installation was finished you can restore directory name:

sudo mv 1.6.0.jdk.old 1.6.0.jdk


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